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Travel Across Boundaries - DongdaeMun Design Plaza

Triggered By Motion attends the Swiss-Korean Innovation Week in Seoul

On the occasion of the Swiss-Korean Innovation Week 2023, Triggered By Motion traveled to the DongdaeMun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul, South Korea.

As part of the special exhibition Travel Across Boundaries, the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich collaborated to demonstrate how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Metaverse can be used as research tools for the benefit of society and our planet. Triggered By Motion invited the audience on a global journey with AI to observe wildlife.

Motion-activated camera traps make it possible to observe animals in their natural habitat without disturbing their behavior or resorting to invasive methods like collars or ear tags. However, this technology generates vast amounts of data, which can be quite time-consuming to analyze. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes to the rescue: an increasing number of research teams are turning to machine learning to expedite image analysis. The video installation Triggered by Motion documents this process. With video data from 21 camera traps in 14 countries, we have constructed a walk-in pavilion where visitors can immerse themselves in the natural environment of wild animals and experience local biodiversity.

Exhibition Duration: May 12th to June 11th 2023 at the DongdaeMun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul, South Korea.

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UZH at the opening exhibition at the Science Gallery Bengaluru

The international network of Science Galleries is opening a new science museum in the heart of Bengaluru, India, on November 28, 2023. The University of Zurich is participating in the grand opening exhibition CARBON with two Art x Science projects. Visitors can experience a music-video installation by Swiss musician Nicolas Buzzi in collaboration with Prof. Kathelijne Koops, and the Travel Edition of Triggered by Motion.