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Art x Science Office

Design For All Species

  • NOOK Prototypes (© Benoît Timothée Ebener)

  • STEADY Prototypes (© Benoît Timothée Ebener)

  • FLIPUP Prototypes (© Benoît Timothée Ebener)

  • Zyoo Kim Prototypes (© Benoît Timothée Ebener)

  • BITE Prototypes (© Benoît Timothée Ebener)

  • DOGO Prototypes (© Benoît Timothée Ebener)

  • Design For All Species - Final Presentation

    Final Presentation (© Benoît Timothée Ebener)

  • Design For All Species - Kick Off 3

    Kick-Off Meeting at the SongEun Art Foundation (© Benoît Timothée Ebener)

Veterinary medicine meets fashion- and product design

In a world that is perceived as moving faster and faster, movement does not only mark our ways of navigating in this world but is also the core function of each living being; moving or being moved. Therefore movement of various species is already being researched within Natural Sciences. Movement also constitutes an intrinsic focus in design practices. Fashion- and product designs are enhancing the mechanisms of bodies  - starting from everyday movements and the possibility to provide assistance going forward to even push and extend the maximum of bodies capabilities to exercise. However it's not only humans moving on the surface of this planet but also other species. The most common interspecies party to walk together are dogs and their human companions. Jointly they move through different landscapes: through urban spaces, though nature or agility parks. How do their movements relate to each other and where do they differ? What kind of knowledge can be gathered from following this question for design practices trying to combine biotechnical aspects with lifestyle products? 

The Art x Science Office at University of Zurich invites the veterinary surgeon Prof. Antonio Pozzi, an expert in the fields of physiology and movement of dogs,  the Computer Scientist Dr. Brian Park and emerging designers from Hongik University South Korea unter the lead of Prof. Yeori Bae and Prof. Gillian to find answers to those questions, to deal with the agency of movement itself and to expand the perspective within fashion- and product design from the view of humans to the view of other species.

The project was created as part of the exhibition "Travel beyond Boundaries" in the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, which the University of Zurich was able to show at the invitation of Swissnex in the Dongaemun Design Plaza in Seoul. With many thanks to Laurencina Farrant for her sparking inspiration and support!