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Reading Emotions

An interdisciplinary approach to understanding affective experience

© Tanja Lander

Dr. Mark Honigsbaum, Dr. Reto Zöllner, PD Dr. Marietta Meier, Dr. Francesca Broggi:

In recent years emotions such as trust, shame or joy have become a hot topic both in the biological and social sciences and the arts and humanities. But while neuroscientists and social psychologists regard emotions as the product of mirror neurons and hard-wired dispositions, cultural historians and literary scholars tend to see emotions as the product of narrative and metaphor. Emotions have a physiological basis to be sure, but a tear is also ‘an intellectual thing’, a product of the mind as much of the body. The aim of this series is to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue by comparing our methodological approaches to the study of affective experiences in both the present and the past.

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